Day 8: Is Your Message Authentic? How to Deliver Your Message So They Will Respond!

Today’s post will not be long but it will be relevant all the same.

Your message needs to be as authentic as your service or product. There is no other way to put it. Without a message that is real and filled with truth, you will not create the effect you desire for long term consumer relationships.

In order for your message to be authentic, you should KNOW the following elements:

  • Know who you are – You will be your best marketing resource. It is you that the consumers will want to know the most about. Be confident in who you are in your business and life overall.
  • Know what your product or service is about – It is up to you to be able to share the knowledge of what you are offering. Sure you may have a team to help you with marketing and promoting but you have to believe in your product. If you don’t believe or have knowledge of what you are offering, it will eventually fizzle out…if it even gets started.
  • Know how your product can solve a problem – People will want to know exactly how your product or service can help them out of jam. Whatever the problem is that you are trying to solve, you need to be able to understand the HOW!
  • Know your market – We talked about this on Day 5 of this series, but I want to take it up a level. You need to know your market on an intimate level! No, not that intimate but intimate enough that you understand what they need in terms of your service or product. This is your best chance at success when it comes to online marketing because so many online business folks try to get something for nothing. So make sure you get to know your market on a deeper level!
  • Know your expected ROI – No matter whether is it money or time, you will always have to invest in your business in order for it to grow. You want to make sure what you expect to get back from it. Whether it be to grow your list, sell more products, or network for connects, you need to know your Return On Investment! Investing in something and getting nothing out of it is not beneficial to anyone involved.

If you get a handle on these elements of an authentic message, you will find more success and a higher profit margin when it comes to sharing your message!

Tomorrow we talk about your Marketing Funnel. I have another goodie for you tomorrow!

Hey, have you missed any of the Getting Started with Online Marketing Series? Well, I created an entire page dedicated to the series and you can catch up there :)


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