Ways to Find Topics for Your Blog Content


Starting a blog is the easy part however keeping the blog fresh and interesting has proven to be the hard part. Many marketers do not have a problem starting a niche blog but there are a number of abandoned blogs throughout the internet. This proves that many marketers do not know how to keep a blog going. Blogging experts say the key to an effective blog is frequency. This means there needs to be constant content streaming into your blog.

It may feel very intimidating when thinking about different topics to blog about. These easy to follow steps may help you to find content to write about.

1. News in your Niche:

    Your blog should include up to date information. What better way to bring attention to your blog than some ongoing news. Regardless of what your niche is, news can help to locate content that can be relevant. This will assist you in creating timely posts. Signing up for free Google alerts for keywords in your niche will keep you informed of current events. It’s a great way to find topics to blog about.

    2. Comments Section:

    The comment section of your blog can prove to be a very resourceful tool. For example, you have a blog post about keyword searches which leads to comments inquiring on how to use this tool in article marketing. Voila! There goes a perfect topic to use as your next post. Always skim through your comments section in order to get ideas or questions that you could answer in the form of a blog post.

    3. Resource Lists:

    Can you think of any websites or resources that would benefit your niche? These can be used as tools to create resource lists. Writing resource lists are very easy and they provide valuable information to your readers. When all else fails and you can’t think of anything to blog about put together an informative and helpful list for your readers.

    4. Other Blogs in your Niche:

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your niche! Go to other blog sites in your niche and see what they are writing about. There could be a topic that you can elaborate on. Maybe the original author missed something or you find a different a way to approach the same topic. If there is something that you disagree on then feel free to communicate that through your blog. Getting involved in your niche community allows you to use other bloggers as a source to gain information.

    5. Quick Tips:

    You can find inspiration from personal experiences, other blog posts you have read or products in your niche and these can be formed into quick tips. Start collecting these tips and create a quick tip post with them.

    These tips barely scratch the surface on ways to find topics to write about. Keeping a notepad file with blog post ideas will lessen the chances of you being at a loss for blogging material. Keeping your finger on the pulse will help you find topics to create blog content that is fresh and interesting.



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