Day 16:Use Social Networking to Promote Your Website

It would be a little difficult to find someone who is not a part of at least one social network. It is a good idea to use this fact to your advantage. Whatever social media network you are a part of should enable you to find ways to promote your website and increase your traffic for free. If you are not a part of any social network and you are trying to grow your business, then you need to discover which platform is the best fit for you and use it!

Social Networking Craze

People from all walks of life or every age are using social networking as an easy way to stay connected to friends and family near and far. You can share pictures, stories and send instant messages when you are both logged in. This way of keeping in touch has extended into the business world and become useful as a marketing tool. Joining a social network is free so there’s no reason not to give it a try. These sites bridge the gap across the miles better than simple email.

Business owners have found most of the more popular sites useful for their social media marketing efforts. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Ning are proving to be beneficial parts of the business owner’s marketing efforts. The results from each site are different for every business so don’t be afraid to test and track which ones yield the best outcome for your business.

The wonderful thing about most social media sites is that once you sign up with a valid email address and password, you are ready to get started.

Sites such as the ones mentioned allow you to create a page that tells all about you and your business. They are also great because they allow you to keep up with business connections and discover brand news one as well. .

How to Use Social Media Networks Effectively

To gauge the effectiveness of a social media network, let’s look at a site like Facebook. It is highly popular and can be beneficial for both business and personal use. On the business side, you can post links to your website when new products are launched, new newsletters are published or sales are going on.

If you blog, post links to your newest blog posts (or to guest blog posts you’re doing elsewhere around the blogosphere). Highlight contests, guest bloggers and other events that you are a part of. Have an online radio show? You can invite friends to listen to live podcasts to learn more about your business.

You can also connect your Facebook profile with other networks like YouTube, and Twitter for a deeper connection with your social media circle.

The best part about social sites such as these is that friends and business contacts can pass your links on to others who might be interested in the topics as well. Quite possibly viral marketing at its best!

Relationships Matter

The one thing to remember about promoting your product or service on social networking sites is not to do so just for that purpose. Relax and get to know the people you are trying to reach out to. It really is best to just DO YOU!

Just like so many other marketing tools, the name of the game is relationships. You can build meaningful ones not only with friends and family, but with your target audience and business associates on all the social networking sites like LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook of course, and others.

Comment on your friends posts and visit their links as well; and not for the reason of being seen and pushing your  product or service. As an Internet marketing tool, social networking works both ways. Don’t think of it as a means to an end but one of the more fun marketing tools you get to use to grow your business. The best part – you can do it all for free.

If you aren’t currently using any social networking platform, now is a great time to start. It can serve dual purposes in your life; both to your benefit. Each business contact you meet, invite them to be your friend or follower. Who knows? You could be connecting with a future joint venture partner or find that diamond in the rough service provider to help you take your business to the next level.

Don’t be shy! Ask me questions, comment on the post and share your thoughts!

I am looking forward to sharing a few ways you can promote free online over the next few days as we wrap this series up!


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