Day 2: Use a Blog To Connect with Your Readers

It seems like just about everyone has a blog these days: students, moms, churches. So where is yours? Businesses can really benefit from a blog that goes along with their website.

Business websites are for conducting business. You use the pages to tell potential customers about what you do. They can find out all they want to know about hiring agardener, choosing flowers, buying seeds and landscaping their dream garden if that is where your business is at. What they don’t usually find out about is your life and how it is you know what you know.

When you read online, you can connect with a website through the words of their content. Depending on the type of “voice”, you’ll want to read more. Readers may even want to know what is behind your passion for the sort of business that you have created. They won’t find that on a website.

And, words can sometimes be deceiving. People can promise a lot but not deliver. It can be hard to trust a voice coming through words on a screen without a face or any other information to go with it.


When blogs first came on the scene they were simply online journals; and in a way they still are. A blog is less business-like and more personal. Personal is what your readers will want from you. On a blog, they can meet you on another level that will help them to appreciate you even more when it comes to your business.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spill all your dirty secrets for them to get to know you. It is about building relationships that will last. So, in the interest of that, you can be the first to extend the olive branch.

Blogs are great because readers and customers can interact with you each time you post. They can sign in and give great feedback every day if they want.

Your posts don’t have to be very formal. Start by introducing yourself and talking about your road to the online business world. It is an opener that could be just enough to draw your readers in.


When readers leave feedback they are responding to posts. Will you leave it at that? Communication is a two-way street. Answer their comments as often as you can – which needs to be more often than not. Carry on a conversation with the people who are willing to give you a chance.

Blogging for business is a useful tool for building relationships with readers and customers. It gives them a chance to see you as a real person just like them and not just a name who wants their sale.

Do you have a business blog? How does it work for you?


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