How Twitter Can Lead to Success

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Many people have asked me what is my attraction to Twitter and how has it really helped my business. It is funny to hear because all I can really say is that I am just being me. There is really no other way around that fact. I am the type of person who is me 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, if I were to give an interview or be invited to speak on the subject of “How Twitter Can Help Your Business”, I guess I would have to give a few pointers and perhaps relate it to twitter being channels to success. So let’s imagine that this is a huge arena and I am about to speak on the subject.

Twitter is a channel for communicating in real time with people from all over the world. When I first joined Twitter I was doing it as a way to connect to work at home mom buddies like me. Being a work at home mom, I wanted some adult company through the day. But then one day I began to look at Twitter as a tool that I could use to actually reach my market. At the time I was running a site about vegan living and had a weekly Podcast as well. I noticed that the people who started following me were vegans, natural health and living folks, and those interested in what a vegan eats or how they cook. That is when I saw Twitter as this huge communicating channel for conveying so much more than just conversation with my fellow mom friends.

Twitter is a channel for communicating your marketing messages to the masses. The key to using Twitter as a channel of this sort is not to be pitchy, pushy, or a prudish. People will only care about what you do if they know that you care too. Not about your business, but rather about the people themselves. Your marketing should not be about pushing advertising messages and getting the sale. It needs to be magnetically relational (you will hear me speak about relationship often). If you look at the current marketing trends they are all leading towards CONNECTING TO the people; not TALKING AT the people. So you want to focus on marketing your message adding your personality to the mix.

Twitter is a channel for meeting people and making connections that will last. When you market with your personality you will draw people to you who want to be a part of what you do. This is where you can find your TEAM. A team of supporters on many levels. Your personality will draw the people to you as they see who you are, what you need, and what they possibly can do for you or vice verse. Again, this does not mean you need to be pushy or pitchy. Just be you. When I was making the switch and re-branding myself as a content writer and then a VA, people on Twitter knew who LaTara Ham-Ying was. When I opened for business I had clients the first week. It was not just because I am a good writer (tooting my own horn), but because people knew my personality, style and work ethic. They learned all of this by reading my blogs, tweets, and of course by word of mouth.

Contrary to what many of my clients believe, I am not a Twitter Guru yet; but I can say that about 90% of my online business comes from the way I relate on Twitter. That tells me that I must be doing something right. I cannot stress enough the value of relational marketing and what it will do for your business when you learn to CONNECT to people in the right way.

Are you a relational marketer on Twitter?

Are you missing the point of relating to people for marketing purposes?

What type of channel to success has Twitter been for you?

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