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I was speaking with a client who told me a coach informed her that with all she does her list should be in the 1000′s and that she needs to partner with some big list people to get more folks on her own list. She then told her to do a one day give away of all her products or a day of coaching in her key areas of focus.

Here was my reply to her…


Why did I say that? While I don’t totally disagree with the coach, I do not agree with aligning yourself with people for the sake of a growing list. When you align yourself with folks for the sake of just growing your list, you can find yourself in some serious trouble.

Everything you do in business should come from the standpoint of quality for quality results. It makes no difference if you align yourself with Mr. Guru 123 if he is a crook and all about self. He could have the list but may be receiving horrible results because his marketing effort involve no true communication and connection power.

The bottom line is that in order to get quality results you have to produce quality marketing strategies. You need to understand what you want to get back for your efforts before you start giving one day coaching sessions for an entire day or give away all your products for free. Free is good but it is not all gold.

Sorry, but I think the coach gave my client some very bad insight into how to build her list and I told her such.

What she should have told her was to consider her marketing plan and find ways to connect to your market that will benefit all involved. She should have suggested that she look at what she is doing that works and keep at it; and take a look at what does not work and toss it. Maybe the client has too many irons in the fire and needs to focus on some key areas of her business and grow her list in that area. Sometimes if a person has a plate full of stuff and no one to help her eat it then she ends up throwing the stuff away or getting sick from eating too much.

Here are some hidden dangers of not focusing on quality marketing:

  • You get a list of a 1000 people but 75% are freebie seekers. They only joined your list for the free stuff. You never make a dime off of them and they never tell anyone about you because they really don’t care. They just want the free stuff they will probably never use.
  • You align yourself with Mr. Guru 123 only to discover that he has been blacklisted and banned from many networks. His list is a one that he purchased and the people on it never opted in or they simply don’t exist. Oh yeah, they still do that. I had to help a client get out of a mess like that about three months ago…so yes it does happen!

There are some key points to consider if you list is not growing or your marketing efforts are not working:

  • What does you marketing funnel look like? Does it have enough quality freebies, great low cost options, residual opportunities?
  • What are your promotional efforts like?
  • How do you communicate to your market? What do they know about you? How often and what do they hear from you?
  • What is the quality of your content? Are you re-purposing more and creating fresh content less? Re-purposing is good, but it can get stale.
  • Who are you aligning yourself with? I never said don’t do it. I simply said be careful how you do it. Are you aligning yourself with people who share your core values and principles in business? Are you creating alliances with people who are about quality over quantity? What is your purpose for alignment? What is theirs?

There are so many facets to creating quality marketing strategies but please don’t let the main one be to simply grow your list. If you are marketing the right way, they will come. For some it takes more time than others to grow a list by number. However, you can have a list of 100 good folks who will buy your products, promote you, and stay loyal to you just because you took the time to provide quality marketing efforts that paid off.

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    Integrated Talk: LaTara Ham-Ying: Give Quality and Get Quality

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    Integrated Talk: LaTara Ham-Ying: Give Quality and Get Quality

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