Getting Started With Online Marketing Series

This is the main page of our series Getting Started With Online Marketing.

Why This Series?

There are many offline business owners and entrepreneurs who want to bring their business online and build a presence but the information for doing so is not as organized or available. If it is available it is often geared towards those who want to start an online business. With this series, the information shared is geared towards both offline and online business owners with an emphasis on the offline entrepreneur. One of the main objectives of this series is to get you involved in the process by offering your own tips, commenting, asking questions, and just stop by to read the posts daily.

What you can gain from the series

  1. Knowledge to start your online marketing campaign in a more effective manner.
  2. More Free Stuff! Yep, that’s right in addition to the information shared in this series, you will also get some goodies along the way.
  3. The opportunity to network with others by leaving comments. Leaving comments with a URL is also a great subtle marketing tactic!
  4. A PDF version of the series.

The Best Way For You to Get Involved

  1. Comment
  2. Ask questions
  3. Do the exercises and share them on the appropriate post or email me at
  4. Suggest topics in the series you would like to see covered. I am open to adding more post or tweaking one that may be coming up.

Don’t forget to sign up for the RSS Feed or Email updates. That way you get notification when a new post is added. Here is a list of the post in the Getting Started Started with Online Marketing Series. The posts not linked are teasers for you to see what is coming :)

Day 1: Introduction to the series and online marketing.

Day 2: Creating Your Online Marketing Map Part 1

Day 3: Creating Your Online Marketing Map Part 2

Day 4: Creating Your Online Marketing Map Part 3

Day 5: Who is Your Market? Do You Really Know?

Day 6: But I’m No Good At Marketing – Your Marketing Mindset!

Day 7: The Nitty Gritty of Your Message

Day 8: Is Your Message Authentic?

Day 9: What is a Marketing Funnel?

Day 10: How to Use Your Marketing Funnel for Strategic Planning

Day 11: Tools of the Trade: Online Marketing Essentials

Day 12: More Tools of the Trade

Day 13: How To Start Implementing Your Plan

Day 14: Are You Marketing and Didn’t Know It?

Day 15: Using Social Media and Relating in Online Marketing

Day 16: How to Use Social Media Networking To Promote Your Website

Day 17: How to Start a Blog to Promote Your Business Online

Day 18: How to Use Article Directories to Funnel Traffic to Your Website

Day 19:  How to Pool Your Business Resources Together to Get Noticed

Day 20: How to Become a Star in Your Own Videos

Day 21: 1, 2, 3 GO! What Do You Do Now That The Series Is Over?

What did you think about this series? Would you like to see more? What type of topics would you like to see covered? Please share your comments below.

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