A Formula for Finding Success with Social Media

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When it comes to social media marketing, there are many formulas people can try but only one that I found truly works.

One for the formulas people use is…

You+Many Followers = Success

Success is the wrong answer because numbers mean absolutely nothing when it comes to building your presence online and leveraging your bottom line. Just because someone have 20,000 followers on Twitter does not mean that they are viable connections. It simply means that they have a large number of followers that is it.

So the right answer for this equation is:

You+Many Followers = Vain Connections

The next formula that many people use for social media marketing is…

You+Many Profiles=Success

Again those who market this way are missing the value of social media and true connection. You can have 100 profiles and never get anywhere with your social media marketing. If you are not using them, what good does it do for you? Unless you have super powers there is no way you can effectively utilize 100 profiles.

In my early days of social media marketing I attempted the feat of having a profile on every platform that existed. I learned that keeping up with all of them was impossible. Plus it was impossible to actually find time for working when I was so busy trying to market myself with social media. I found myself spending too many nights up late; and mornings, up way too early.

The correct answer for this equation is…

You+Many Profiles=Wasteful Connections

What is a person to do when it comes to social media marketing? How does one find the right formula for success in the social media realm?

One formula that I have noticed that seems to work again and again for many people when it comes to social media marketing is…

You+Do You= Success

The most effective form of social media market is simply you being you! There is no magic pill or an exact method for marketing online. It really depends on who you are and what your goals are for marketing online.

There are many people who do not use twitter and facebook and they are successful. There are some folks who only use Facebook and do so with great success. The thing to remember is that social media includes so many facets that there really is something for everyone.

Very few people use the term “New Media” because it seems to have found its way into the social media stream. Whatever one chooses to call it, it works as well. There are some people who only blog and guess what….it works.

What makes the difference is not necessarily what they are doing but how they are doing it. People who are truly successful are not the ones who say, “Give me your money and I will show you how to get 10,000 Twitter followers”.

Nor or they the ones who tell you that social media should ne the core of your business plan. That is just wrong. It is a valuable part of a good business plan but it should not be the core. There are too many other components for that.

Believe it or not the ones who are truly successful do not all have 20,000 followers. They do not have profiles all over the internet. They do not even know everything there is to know about social media.

The most successful people use social media as a true connection tool. They are authentic and sincere in their approach. They are not the ones spitting out link after link. They are the ones finding value in connecting with their followers and friends. The most successful people use social media as a part of their plan by communicating with their true personality.

They take the time to discover which platforms work for them and they are consistent with it. They are not out to find the most followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook. The most successful people in social media are the ones who find value in the few hundred folks they have in their social media circle. They know how to use what they have, be it large or small to reach their bottom line.

If you are seeking a path towards success with social media marketing, find the places where you fit and use them to the best of your ability. Follow the formula…

You+Do You= Success

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    Integrated Talk: LaTara Ham-Ying: A Formula for Finding Success with Social Media http://is.gd/enhCs

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