Five Different Forms of Blog Posts


Blogs come in many different forms and lengths. When creating a blog it is important to keep your audience engaged and interested by blogging often and providing information that interests you as well, to prevent your audience from becoming bored with it. Whether you are blogging in order to generate money or directing traffic to an affiliate program,  it is imperative to familiarize yourself with these five types of blog posts.

Reviewing Blog Posts

Review blogs are created to share your opinion on a specific product.  In these blogs you will inform your audience about the pluses and minuses of the product.  Even if you love a product you should always give a couple of drawbacks or things that could be added to improve the product.  This way you create an honest relationship with your audience and they may purchase the product or recommend it to someone else based upon your honesty in the blog. Reviewing a product is a great way to include an affiliate link so that you make a commission of any sales generated through it.

Quick Tips

There are times when a full blog post is not warranted and this is when a quick tip type post is good.  This type of post is generally between 100-250 words. This is great when you want to post little tidbits of information about your niche.  This should only be information that surrounds your niche, for example “how to potty train a toddler” would be a great quick tip post for a parenting blog.


Lists are used in the most popular blogs because blog readers love them.  Most people these days do not have enough leisure time to sit and read a full post which is why lists are so convenient. They can be used to provide resources to the reader that support the information that you provide about your niche or ways to accomplish a goal in a niche.  Lists convey information to readers in a brief and efficient way because readers are able to skim the list and leave being informed.


Interview blogs are a great way to network and gain more exposure to your blog.  Unlike other blog posts interview posts demand some preparation in order contribute valuable content to your blog which will attract more readers.  You would interview someone who has something relevant to offer your niche and share this information for your readers on your blog in a Q&A format. Another advantage of doing this type of blog post is that the person you interviewed will likely acknowledge being interviewed on your blog.  This will draw in more traffic for you.

How to Posts

How to posts are very similar to quick tip posts as they provide valuable information to the reader.  The length of these post is what separates a how to post from a quick tip post.  A how to post requires that you go into detail on a particular subject and can usually be broken down in a series or free course right on your blog. For ideas on what to create your how to posts about, look at the most frequently asked questions in your niche and develop posts around those topics.

As previously stated there are various types of blogs, however these are the five that will assist you in creating a successful blog.  The possibilities that come from blogging are endless but you have to be knowledgeable and understand the needs of your readers.  A successful blog will keep a reader interested and provide useful information for the reader to apply to their lives. This post just shared 5 ways to keep them coming back for more.


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    5 Different Types of Blog Posts

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    5 Different Types of Blog Posts

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