Day 7: The Nitty Gritty of Your Message – What is Your Tagline?

Today let’s cover the nitty gritty of your marketing message. It is the same offline and online. Do you have your marketing message? If not you need one!

The nitty gritty of any marketing message is that core component that makes your overall message SHINE! It is what your clients and potential clients will remember you by.

What makes you SHINE!

When it comes to communicating to consumers, your core message is the one thing that has the ability to set you apart. This is something that can be contained in what is known as a tagline. It is my belief that business names and taglines help people to get who you are and what your message is about; as well as helping you to gauge if you are on the right track with your strategy. If what you are doing falls out of line with your core message, then it needs to be revisited!

Since I am assuming that you already have a business name, we will focus on the tagline for this post.

A tag line is quick and to the point. Its power is obvious as it grabs attention and tells whoever hears it, what you message is and how you can help them with their problem.

There are some key areas you want to hit in considering your core massage or tagline. I will list them and them and then use myself as an example for each key point.

Target Market

Who is your target market? We discussed this in Day 5 of this series. Consider information about their values, beliefs, business interests and buying characteristics as well.

Example: My Target Market is small business owners and entrepreneurs who need to build a strong online presence.

What is Their Problem?

What typical problem, dilemma, or challenge is your client facing that would make them seek your help?

Example: My Target Market’s main problem is understanding how online marketing works and what it can do for their business.

What is Your Solution?

How are you able to fix their problems? What results do you produce when working with clients?

Example: Before I consulting with the client they had no idea how to market online in a cohesive manner. After my help they were able to map out a plan that fit their style, needs, and desires for their market.

How Can Your Verify Your Solutions

What proof can you provide that you can deliver that solution? Do you have client testimonials, case studies or clients who are willing to vouch for you?

Example: I have testimonials from clients on each area that I focus on with online marketing. I can call upon any of these clients at any time to speak on my behalf in addition to their great words about my services.

What Makes You Different?

How do you stand apart from the competition? What makes you special, unique or memorable? What is it about your business that offers your clients a true competitive advantage?

Example: I come from a practical standpoint and don’t work from cookie cutter standards because I get that each client will come to me at different levels in their online marketing knowledge. I work with each client according to their personality, needs, and desires for their market. It is not my goal to make each client like the next.

If you are able to incorporate the elements of this checklist into your marketing message you will be able to consolidate your own understanding of what you do and how this can be of interest to prospective clients.

Take a look at my business name and tagline. Get Online Basics: Your Online Marketing Map from A to Z

In essence what it says is that I help others with the basics of online marketing from start to finish; helping them build strong online presence for online success. Every time I plan I consider my business name and tagline. Makes a HUGE difference in what I produce for my business.

If you are able to incorporate each part of the above elements to the core of your marketing message it will help not only the consumer but your planning strategy as well.

What is the nitty gritty of your message?

Do you have a tagline?

Talk to me! I would love to help you!

Tomorrow we talk about presenting your message in an authentic manner.


LaTara is the Chief Blogger and trainer at Get Online Basics, providing the work at home entrepreneur and small business owner with practical and viable solutions for building their online presence. Start your training to better online marketing with the Get Online Basics Training Center. Just click the website link and you will be redirected.

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    RT: @GetOnlineBasics Day 7: The Nitty Gritty of Your Message – What is Your Tagline?

  2. LaTara Ham-Ying
    September 10, 2010 | 12:18 pm

    What is the nitty gritty of your message?

  3. LaTara Ham-Ying
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    Get Online Basics Tip 16: Do you have a tagline? Your tagline is an integral part of your overall marketing…

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    What does your tagline say about your business

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