Day 9: The Purpose of Your Marketing Funnel

In day 4, I spoke about the concept of the marketing funnel already but I want to break it down a little for those who need it made a little plainer :)

As a business owner or entrepreneur you may already have a Marketing Funnel but not for the online marketing arena. As I stated when starting this series, online and offline marketing are two very different monsters. You need to have a marketing funnel for your online marketing endeavors.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Just in case you are not aware of what a marketing funnel is a definition may be necessary:

A Marketing Funnel is the infrastructure or foundation of your business. It is a basic concept that can lead to big advantages for your business.

If you can imagine a funnel, then you can get an idea of what a marketing funnel is. For the sake of marketing let’s break it down section by section. In your marketing funnel you want to draw prospects in from the top to the bottom.

The Top of Your Funnel – Pulling in the Prospects

This is the most important part of your funnel!

Starting from the top, this is where you begin to build trust. It is the widest part of the funnel for a reason; because the more people know about you, what you have to offer, and how you care through those offers; the more they will likely purchase from you.

Here at Get Online Basics, you will notice that in the Training Center our top level marketing options offer way more than our deeper levels.

The goal in the top section of your funnel is to spread your message to as many people in your target audience as possible. This would include prospects, current clients and former clients. You want to target your message so that mostly ideal prospects enter the top end of the funnel.

Warning! You will get freebie seekers; but if you plan right they will eventually go away!

A great way to pull in the prospects is by offering something for free or extremely low cost (think $1 teleseminars), such as an article, an ezine, special report, e-course, audio download, or a teleseminars. The goal is to entice them so that they sign up, become a part of your database, which will allow you to contact them again. This level introduces you to prospects and provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise.

The Deeper Levels of the Funnel

Once your potential customers have experienced your expertise and start to know, like, and trust you, they are more likely to open their wallet. An open wallet can only be good news for you because that means they are ready to spend more money on your services and products. Each level of your marketing funnel guides your prospects towards more familiarity with you and what you have to offer. This can definitely mean an increase in you profit portfolio!

As you are working daily to earn trust you can make money by providing low to medium priced options for them to try your services. Examples of mid-priced options would be an e-book, audio product, group coaching program, subscription e-course, teleclass or in-person group training.

Once you have them purchasing your low end products, that is when you will be able to promote your higher end services to them. Some examples of higher end products include a deeper level of your coaching services, home study programs, one-on-one services, or a higher end information product.
Why Do I Have to Provide Free Options

Why not? Here’s the thing, when you are in business for yourself, you have to go the extra mile to get the customers. If you were to note the success of many big name companies like Frigidare, Pepsia, and even Ford, you will see that they too have the same marketing funnel. Only theirs is on a much grander scale.

For example, Ford allows people to actually test drive their cars. Not just off the lot with a salesman in the car; but there have been many folks who have used a Ford car, for months on end. Why? It is called word-of-mouth power. Even, Ford gets the power of grass roots marketing.

That is the power of a free level to your marketing funnel. You not only pull folks in deeper, but because they grow to trust you, they pull folks in with them.

You cannot create a buzz about what you do without offering a teaser or two. Plus it is just nice to be nice and don’t you dare believe the nice guy finishes last!

Ok so in Day 4 of this series, I gave you a package of goodies and one of the goodies was a blank copy of a marketing funnel!

If you have it and have not filled it out…what are you waiting on?

If you have filled it out…are you implementing your plans yet?

If you don’t have it, here is the download link again…grab it and start filling it out now!

Tomorrow we talk about using your marketing funnel for strategic planning. So get that exercise done!


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