Day 6: But I Am No Good At Marketing – Your Marketing Mindset

There is a proverb in the Bible that states:

“For as man thinks in his heart. So is he” (Proverb 23:7)

This is true for every aspect of life and your online marketing efforts are no different. The reason why so many people have issues with marketing is because of their beliefs and thought processes.

About Our Marketing Mindset

Your marketing mindset starts with what you think about marketing yourself (self-promotion). If you feel shameful sharing about what we offer, you will be ashamed to put the message out there. If you feel as if no one will listen then you will put a message out that will not be heard.

Many Entrepreneurs have these types of mindsets about marketing and they are hindering their marketing efforts.

What is a Marketing Mindset

A marketing mindset is what you think about. It’s our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, fears, assumptions, and limitations. It is what you perceive to be reality; which oftentimes it not at all the reality of a situation.

This mindset affects you deeply, but you don’t see it because you seldom see what is right under your nose. There is truth in the fact that what we dwell on, believe, and think, we become. If they rest in a negative realm then that is how we will present ourselves. That includes how we market ourselves.

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Mindset

It is important to remember that having a successful marketing mindset doesn’t mean that you mind is always on advertising, marketing materials, and other typical marketing aspects. What it does meant is that you do think about all of your activities, you think about them with regards to how they will help you to achieve your marketing goals.

The best way to benefit from a winning marketing mindset, you need to develop it. We are not born with them. One of the best ways to develop a successful marketing mindset, it is a good idea to take a good look at other online marketers that you consider to be truly effective or outstanding.

Don’t copy them but do use them as an example for your own marketing mindset. If you love what they do then work at being more like them but not just like them. You have your own unique spin to things….don’t lose that!

As you develop your mindset you may want to hone in a few key things to keep at the top of your online marketing to-do list:

  • Building Your Network: This is by far one of the most effective online marketing tools.
  • Consistently and continually reviewing, evaluating, and fine-tuning your marketing activities.
  • Creating a marketing plan that you use as a useful guide for directing all of your marketing activities. See Days 2, 3, and 4 for more information on creating your marketing map. Day 4 includes a useful download.

If your marketing mindset is hindering you, it is time for you to experience a marketing paradigm shift! Your online marketing efforts need your mindset to be set towards WINNING!

Here are some questions for you to consider about your marketing mindset:

What is your marketing mindset?

Does it hinder or help you?

I would love for you answer the questions in the comments section but if you are to shy just email me at latara {at} and let me know your answers.

Tomorrow we will talk about the Nitty Gritty of Your Message!

Have you missed any of the Getting Started with Online Marketing Series? Well what are you waiting on…catch up :)


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