Day 6: Visit Your Readers Blogs

Readers visit your website each day. When they first come, it is usually for information. However, they may keep coming back because of your charm and wit or to get to know you before they try your product or service offerings.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to let them know that you are real person by returning the favor and visiting them too?

Everyone is a REAL person but not everyone comes off like they are. Business owners who intentionally stay aloof from their readership set themselves up for all sorts of scathing comments. They are like royalty in ivory towers – high and unreachable. In-other-words, they are incapable of engaging and connecting.

Get the picture?

You are one part of the business equation. Your readers (potential customers) are the other part. Without traffic, you can’t hope to make a sale. Unless you build relationships with the readers, they won’t see any reason to stay loyal to you.

Maybe you got the picture that time 


Chances are, at least one third of your readers have some sort of presence in cyberspace. More than likely it will be a blog. They may be professional bloggers, recreational bloggers or online entrepreneurs.

One way to get to know them is to visit their sites.

Here is a great way to meet your readers and appreciate them a bit too.

1. If you have your own blog for your business, have a category devoted to reader news. Offer free products or discount coupons when they volunteer to give their blog or website address to you.

2. Next, visit their blogs. Read what they have to say and the kind of topics they talk about. Leave helpful comments that show you actually read the posts and not just a lame comment like “Really nice post. Thanks for writing it.” Really get involved and take the time to engage.

When you take the time to do this it shows that you are not a robot and that you truly are interested in what they have to say and who they are. I wrote about this on Day 5.

Another great idea is that if you have an RSS reader, you can include all of their sites in it so that you will be notified when there are new updates. Participate just like any other follower of the site. Not only will the blog owner get to know you and recognize your name but the other readers will as well.

Here is another good idea for you. Sites, that you like, will benefit when you link back to them on your site. Organic links rank higher in search engine eyes than simply doing each other a favor and exchanging links. On your blog, you can post reviews of their blogs or just write posts that highlight each one. This is essentially a review without calling it that.

Whatever method you choose to use, keep in mind that it is important to keep it relevant to your market’s needs, desires, and your bottom line goal.

Interacting with your readers and getting to know them in this way is mutually beneficial. Those organic links work both ways. Besides, you never know who will hear about your business through these comments and other relationship building techniques.

Are you interacting with your readers? How?


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    Savvy News: Day 6: Visit Your Readers Blogs – Readers visit your website each day. When they first come, it is usual…

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    RT: @GetOnlineBasics Day 6: Visit Your Readers Blogs – Readers visit your website each day. When they first come, it…

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    Day 6: Visit Your Readers Blogs

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