Day 4: Online Marketing -Creating Your Map Part 3

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Looking at your online marketing strengths was easy. Today, the hard part!

People don’t like to admit their weaknesses and it does not change once they become entrepreneurs or business owners. As a matter of fact it seems to be a strange concept to admit that you are not the best at something when you are in business for yourself. Perhaps there is a stigma tied to it or something but today we are going to work through some of your weak points when it comes to using online marketing tactics.

Did you write your online marketing weaknesses down? If not go back to Day 2 and read about how to assess them. If you chose not to, follow along anyway and maybe you can glean something of value that will make you want to assess your online marketing weaknesses.

The bottom line is that in business there are some areas of weakness you will just have to deal with. When it comes to online marketing, for example, you have to be able to engage the consumer so that they trust you enough to actually buy from you. In order to do that online, you will have to stretch yourself in those areas that may make you uncomfortable.

Today we will take a look at a couple of areas that seem to plague many clients and have them contacting me for help.

Writing Content for Online Marketing

Whether it is time, or not enjoying the writing process, there are some of you reading this who absolutely abhors writing content. However, if you are going to market online it must be done in some capacity. It may be via a blog, special report, or article marketing; but it must be done.

So how does a person avoid a task that to them is the worse chore in the world and still provide quality content?

You have options.

  • First you can purchase quality PLR from places like Easy PLR or All Private Label Content and tweak the content to fit your market and your voice. PLR stands  for Private Label Rights and in essence you buy the rights to the content your purchase and can use it anyway you want. Cool huh? The really cool thing is that the prices for PLR are GREAT!
  • Second, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your content for you. There are many out there to choose from, including the folks here at Get Online Basics. You can even hire them to tweak that PLR you purchase. Finding a ghost writer can prove to be a harrowing experiences so ask around for recommendations.

Social Media Networking

Maybe being a social butterfly is not what you are. That is ok but again, as with the writing, marketing online calls for social  networking. You have to talk to the people inFacebook 69
order to build trust and gain credibility. Again, is this happens to be your weakness, you have options.

  • First, you can hire a Social Media Manager or VA to help you with your social media marketing. A word of caution in doing this is that while you may not be a social butterfly if you really want to gain a valuable and profitable consumer base, you have to do some interacting yourself. When I am hired as a social media manager I am adamant with the client that they take the time to get in there and speak to those who choose to follow or friend them.
  • There is nothing like a business owner who does not engage with their market. These days that is almost taboo. So if you decide to hire a Social Media Manager or VA make sure that you are involved in the process.

  • Second you can use the Connect 5 Rule. It is a simple rule that I use often with shy or introverted clients to help them get started with social media networking. All you do is choose 5 people to relate to every day on your social media network of choice. Find something interesting that someone is saying and respond to it in some way. I wrote about this rule here.

So as you see you can work through your online marketing weak points. There are always options to marketing online.

Tomorrow we will discuss Knowing Your Market. This is perhaps the most important part of your online marketing strategy. Wait a minute…it is the most important part :)

Before we end for the day I wanted to share with you my own Online Marketing Map and Funnel! There are 4 sheets and 1 audio in this download and it is all contained in zipped file. That means you will need to use a program like jZip to extract the documents and audio.

Download the file here. Simply right click and “save as” to your desired location on your computer.


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