Day 3: Creating Your Online Marketing Map Part 2

Yesterday we began a discussion on creating your marketing map. You should have completed the exercise by now but if you didn’t don’t worry because you will be able to download the PDF at the end of this month’s series. For now let’s move ahead to part 2 of Creating Your Online Marketing Map.

Before we do, I want to stress that this map in essence is your plan to use for your online marketing efforts, ok! Cool, now we can move on!

If you did the work yesterday then you wrote down 5 of the marketing tactics you actually enjoying implementing. Maybe you love being a social butterfly so you wrote down tweeting, facebooking, or visiting forums as some of your favorite. Maybe you love audio or writing articles.

Whatever you enjoy doing, it centers more so around your strengths and that is how you need to leverage them for your business online. Use what you have to get in where you fit in.

Getting in where you fit in is all about starting out where you are most comfortable. Don’t get stuck in the myth that you have to be all over the place, because that is just not true. The best way to discover where you are most comfortable is by looking at your strengths. What do you love doing? How do you enjoy conveying your message?

Knowing your strengths will give the opportunity to tap into them and use them for your benefit.

For example, let’s say you love relating to people. Online there is ample opportunity for you to do just that. Through networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ning you can connect to people from all walks of life and discover new segments of your market. The good thing is that with the strength to relate you most likely enjoy communicating; and that means that you can get in where you fit in by simply striking up an online conversation.

Get to know your followers and friends a little more. Scroll through the streams of your networks and find a few interesting topics to add your two cents too. Whether it be offering an encouraging word to someone or sharing a tip with them, you will be able to connect if you seek out the opportunity to do so.

On your marketing map you can call this would be something like Networking Neighborhood. A Networking Neighborhood should be on everyone’s marketing map.

Another example for the relater would be to hold teleseminars or webinars. Most relaters are talkers and most talkers can hold an hour long teleseminars without even worrying about whether or not they will have enough material. Trust me I know. In case you have not guessed I am a relater :)

On your online marketing map that would be called something like Speaking Neighborhood. This is not an area that everyone will have on their map and that is ok.

The main idea here is to look at your strengths and play on them. Engage every sense that the strength calls for and make the best of getting in where you fit in.

Tomorrow we will deal with the weak areas. That’s right; in order for your business to grow you have to be stretched. But I am going to give you some ideas to help you work with some necessary areas that you may want to avoid.

I will also have a special treat for you to help you understand a little more about the online marketing map that I create with my clients!

Remember, if you are behind in the series all you need to do is jump over to the homepage for this series.


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