Day 21: 1,2,3 Go – What Do You Do Now?

For 20 days you received valuable information to help you sort through the online marketing maze. Now you may be wondering how to actually move forward with this information from this point. There is  a process and in order to see results you must follow the steps.

  1. Learn: Take time to go back through this series and read each post again. What did you learn? What needs to be applied?
  2. Apply: Start today with applying what you learned. Go through the handouts, do the exercise, and apply any techniques you learned.
  3. Evaluate: Take the time to monitor your progress. What is working? What is not working? What do you need help with?
  4. Apply Again: After you evaluate you need to apply again. Steps 2 through 4 will be repeated again and again until things begin to click. Even then you will always be reapplying: because once something works you don’t stop…right? Don’t think that if you are reapplying again and again that you are doing something wrong. On the contrary you are doing it the right way because the goal is to see results; and the only way we see results is when we try and try again. Nothing worth having is ever easy to come by :)
  5. Get help during each step if necessary. If during the learning process you see that you need some assistance, seek out the right expert. Whether it be for marketing, content creation, blogging, or some other area of online marketing, there is help available to you. Outsourcing may not be an option for you budget wise but if you are creative enough you can find the help you need.

If you are still stuck on your next step, talk to me! I am here to help you get started. Online marketing can be confusing but when you have direction, it makes it all that much easier. Your direction is determined by some factors that many do not consider when marketing their business. Those are…

  • Your personality – YOU have to shine in order for your business to succeed!
  • Your passions – What you are passionate about can play an important role in your online marketing.
  • Your consumer connectivity options – This simply means the ways available to you for connecting to your market.

Each plays an important part in your online marketing venture.

I enjoyed having you as my guest for this series. Look for another great series from Get Online Basics soon :)

Before you leave can you please take my poll below. It will help me to know whether or not I am helping you!

Oh yeah! One more thing. Remember I promised at the beginning and throughout this series that there would be a printer friendly PDF option for you to download of this entire series. It is ready for you to download. Grab it here.


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