Day 2: Creating Your Online Marketing Map

This is day 2 of Part 1 in a  series created to help you GET STARTED with online marketing. I know it is scary, it was for me too. That is why I am dedicating myself to your success. Am I guaranteeing you a six figure income or instant success? No! Trust me a lot of that hype that you read about making six figures overnight is just that…HYPE!

What I can promise you is that if you follow this series and the rest you will be able to market online in a more productive manner.

In order to be productive online, as with anything, you need a guide. Something to help you know which way to go!

Think about a compass and its purpose. It helps you know what direction to head in to reach your final destination. This is the same type of tool you need for your online marketing journey but first you have to do something really important.

Throw out everything you have learned. If you are spinning your wheels, then the best bet is to step back and start all over again. Ok, so maybe you will not have to throw everything out the window but for sanity’s sake you may want to toss what is not working right now.

Today we are starting fresh with helping you create an online marketing map. This map will help you see your direction and know how to plan in order to build a strong online presence. Are you ready? Let’s GO!

Time to create your online marketing arsenal!

Grab a piece of paper and at the top of the paper write: My Online Marketing Map!

  • Step 1: Write down everything you are currently doing online to market. Are you using Facebook pages? Do you use Twitter? Do you write articles? Are you using Craig’s list? Are you podcasting? Do you network online. Write it all down!
  • Step 2: Next to each item write down what is working and what is not. Be sure to include the Why! Sometimes if something is not working, it is the why that needs to be thrown out and not the tool or resource.
  • Step 3: Focus on the tools and resources you are using that you are comfortable with. If you don’t like using Facebook for business, that is fine. Trust me it will not make or break you. You make or break you! If you enjoy going to various forums to communicate with others, then by all means include that in your comfort zone list.

You have your comfort zone list, right? Great! Guess what’s next…

Yep, your stretch areas!

  • Step 4: Write down the tools and resources that stretch you. Does Twitter baffle you? Then it is a stretcher. Do writing blog posts or articles freak you out? Then that is a stretcher. Does the thought of speaking via a podcast platform make you break out in a rash? You guess it. That is another stretcher.

Now you know what to put to the side for now. I know I said throw it out but later on in the series we will talk about those parts that stretch us and how to utilize them for effectiveness. Will you have to incorporate them all? No you will not!

So now you have two lists: One that works and one that, in your eyes, does not work. After we are done with this exercise you will find that some of those ways that stretch you can actually work for you. There is one final step for today.

  • Step 5: Write down 5 of the tools or resources that you like working with. Why do you like them?

These are your strengths and this is where you start with your online marketing map. This is where your talents and skills are best utilized because it is almost second nature you. Sure you may have a learning curve but you are willing to learn because it intrigues you!

In the next few posts we will focus on getting your map in order so that it is no longer a mess! Time to get it all organized!

Tomorrow we focus on your strengths and how to get in where you fit in!

If you missed any posts in this series, you can catch up here.


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    September 5, 2010 | 9:38 am

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  2. LaNicia
    September 9, 2010 | 4:47 pm

    Done with steps 1-5..

    • LVH
      September 9, 2010 | 4:49 pm

      ROTFL! Great because you know you were my inspiration for this series. I expect GREAT things from you by the end of Day 21 :)

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