Day 12: More Tools of the Trade

By the time this series is over you should have a good amount of material, resources, and tools to work with for your online marketing endeavors. Today we will cover more tools of the trade.

Audio and Video Hosting

Using audio and video in your online marketing strategy can be very beneficial and lucrative. Now I am not saying that you will become a millionaire over night but I am saying that if you use these tools the right way they can help your business grow.

With audio and video you can engage your audience in a more intimate manner. Remember that goal of online marketing is to present YOU so that people get to know you and how you can solve their problems.

To create audio you can use tools like Wavepad or Audacity (which are both free) and you can store your audio using online hosting like Audio Acrobat or Amazon S3.

You can also create a podcast or online radio show using the same options or a platform like Blog Talk Radio or TalkShoe!

To create video you need a tool like a Flip Camera or your webcam on your computer. You can also grab an inexpensive option at your local Walmart. For hosting think about places like Youtube, Vimeo or TubeMogul which allows you to upload to multiple video hosting platforms like Youtube, Viddler, and many more.

If you are camera shy you can try use options like GoldMail or Powerpoint to create your videos.

Branding components

When it comes to branding, you are the most important aspect of the brand, however there are some components that must as consistent with your brand as you are.

  • Graphics: Headers, banners, and any type of graphic should be relevant to your message.
  • Taglines: Your tagline is a major component for selling your message to your market. This topic was covered in depth on Day 7.
  • Website: There are many components to a website that draws in your market but some of the most important ones are: Consistency, valuable content, an optin list, and even color. Yes, color is important. Your graphics and the colors on your site must fit and be appealing all at the same time. The colors have to convey your message in some way.

Landing Pages

Ask yourself where your market is landing when they come to your site. Does it tell them about how you can help them? Does it have a call to action?

Your landing page will make or break your site. This really will be where the rubber meets the road as far as whether or not a potential client stays on your site for any length of time. The goal is to draw them deeper in.

How are you doing that?

There are many more online marketing tools to consider but that would be a series in itself. Maybe in the future…but not now :)

The bottom line here is that you need to make sure that these tools are in play somehow with your online marketing strategy.

What are some of your most beneficial online marketing tools? Please share in the comment area.

I hope that this series is helping you to really hone in your online marketing map and how you need to strategize for make a difference in your business. Remember you can keep up with there series here.


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