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One of the biggest issues is knowing where to start when it comes to creating your first video. It’s not necessary to have fancy tools or expensive software. You can easily create a video with software that is currently on your own computer. All you need is PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker to create a simple video. If the PowerPoint program didn’t come with your computer there are free versions that can be found on the Internet.

•    Article Video

When first starting out you want to keep the process simple. A great place to begin is with an article video. This basically consists of you copying an article onto the slides and then turning it into a movie. Just use one slide per paragraph and add bullet points and bolding to highlight any valuable information.

Make sure the first slide is your title slide and add your URL to it. The last slide should tell your viewer what action to take next. For example: they can visit your website or click on a link etc. This is known as your call to action.

Once the slides are created it is time to save the file. You want to save all your slides as jpg files. A pop up box will appear which will ask you to save a single slide or all of them. Choose the all option and save in an easy to remember location.

•    Voice Over

To make your video more appealing you can do a voice over. Just read the article slowly into recording software. Again there are free programs for this that can be found on the Internet.

The audio and video are created as separate files. Once you have them created they can be incorporated together through Windows Movie Maker. Import the files and the audio and drag each slide down onto your story board.

The hardest part here is to match your voice to each slide.  In reality it’s not that difficult to do. Just use the play and pause button and lengthen or shorten each slide as necessary. With practice this can be achieved within minutes.

  • Saving Your Video

The next step is to save your project as a movie. Just follow the instructions that appear when you click on save to your computer. This will give you a file which is ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

Just like most things there are more advanced options and design techniques that can help you create videos but to get you started this is the simplest process to follow. As you practice, your videos will get better and be as polished and professional as anyone else on the Internet.


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