Building Reader Relationship Series

In this series you will learn how to build a relationship with your readers. Who are are you readers?

Your readers include anyone who visits your site, your blog, or even reads your comments on other blogs. Your readers are also your social media crowd on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you are on the internet.

Capturing them is important to your business and engaging will take you farther than you think.

Enjoy reading and learning from this series and remember to download your free PDF to keep in your training binder. You do have a training binder don’t you :)

Day 1: Why Building Relationships with Your Reader is Important

Day 2: Use a Blog To Connect with Your Readers

Day 3: How Keeping Your Promises Builds Reader Relationships

Day 4: How to Use Surveys to Connect To Your Readers

Day 5: Get Interested in Your Readers

Day 6: Visit Reader Blogs

Day 7: Create a Community with Newsletters

Day 8: Provide Good Customer Service for Your Readers

Day 9: Take Your Reader Relationship Up a Notch with Social Networking

Day 10: Social Bookmarking and Your Readers

Building Reader Relationship PDF

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