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LeaAnn is a virtual assistant who has been in the business since 2006. PLR rewrites top the list of the jobs she loves to do. Her talents also include content management, article marketing and many other avenues of online business. On the personal side she loves to cook, read and enjoys spending time with her husband, children and 8 grandchildren. To learn more about LeaAnn visit

Successful Video Marketing Tips


Just as with any marketing method you need to learn how to promote videos to make them productive. To do this and be effective it’s important to know how YouTube works. Here are a few tips that can help create an effective marketing campaign with videos.   When uploading your YouTube video you want to…

Steps to Create Your Own YouTube Account


YouTube is one the most popular places to showcase your videos. It has grown in leaps and bounds and an account can enhance any business site. It’s a simple process that takes only a few steps. Once you have created an account the sky is the limit. Step 1: Create your account. You will need…

7 Types of Videos Anyone Can Create


If you are new to creating videos it can be a little intimidating. Appearing in front of a camera can cause anxiety for some while others are a natural. Just remember that overcoming your fear of the camera is a must if you want to brand yourself in today’s Internet world. Speak directly to your…

Creating Your First Video


    One of the biggest issues is knowing where to start when it comes to creating your first video. It’s not necessary to have fancy tools or expensive software. You can easily create a video with software that is currently on your own computer. All you need is PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker to…

The Social Aspect of YouTube


  One of the biggest mistakes people make with YouTube is not being social enough. Many marketers upload their videos and then expect to receive tons of views but too often they are disappointed. There is actually a way to increase your views, likes and rating if you treat your YouTube account with a more…